Music Legend Garth Porter and the “campfires” Team Launch New Album “Trail Of Dreams” Nationally July 16th 2002

ON TUESDAY, 16th JULY 2002 - TRAIL OF DREAMS the new album produced by Music Legend Garth Porter will be on sale nationally. Garth Porter met Dan Phegan and Ian James during the lead up to the start of the ride and came on board to help the team reach their target to $500,000 for cancer research by producing this terrific album.

Being the legend that his is, Garth set about getting the ‘cream of Country Music’, to donate a song for the Album and did extremely well. It boasts leading artists such as Kasey Chambers, Lee Kernaghan, Tania Kernaghan, Adam Brand, Sara Storer, Martin Oaks and many more.

Music Legend and New Zealand Born Garth Porter joined the Famous Australian Band Sherbet in 1972 as main songwriter, Hammond organ & electric piano player. Porter co-wrote the band’s songs with Clive Shakespeare and over his years with the band sights "Howzat!" as their biggest single. "Howzat reached Number 1 (July 1976). On the heels of the national Howzat! Tour, Sherbet issued two more singles, "Hollywood Dreaming"/"Gimme Love" (June) and "Rock Me Gently"/"You've Got the Gun" (1976 version) (#6 in October).

Sherbet was the most successful Australian pop band of the 1970s alongside Skyhooks. With a run of 20 consecutive hit singles to its credit, and 17 albums that yielded ten platinum and 40 gold disc awards, Sherbet was the first domestic act to sell a million dollars worth of records in Australia. Under the direction of astute manager Roger Davies, the band also pioneered the concept of the national rock tour by undertaking arduous; cross-country treks to play in the far-flung corners of the continent. Sherbet's carefully cultivated image tended to alienate the `serious' music fan, although the band's ability to deliver well-crafted pop music has never been in doubt.

Since that time Garth Porter has moved into a brilliant Country Music career and has been awarded Producer of the Year for nine consecutive years by the Australian Country Music Achievement Awards.  In his stable of artists Garth produces Sara Storer, Lee Kernaghan, Tania Kernaghan Martin Oaks, and Gina Geoffrey’s amongst others.

He continues to write music and now has the pleasure of co-writing all of Lee Kernaghan’s songs.

The title track of this album ‘Trail of Dreams’ was co-written by Garth Porter, Sara Storer and Martin Oaks. It is a very moving duo performed by Sara and Martin, which depicts exactly what the essence of the journey is. The team were very touched the first time they heard the song performed in Sydney @ their Farewell ceremony.

To mark the National Release of this Album, Sara Storer will be performing at her home coming concert in Katherine, Northern Territory. Sara was discovered by Garth during a local music competition. At the time she was working in Katherine as a schoolteacher so a very special event indeed.